A lonesome part of the mind writes

​I wonder, where do visions go? When we dream of something and let it go, does it just disappear?
Miracles don’t happen, like those Hollywood action blockbusters. I really wish miracles did happen, but that would make life very boring if everything just happened. Heroes don’t always have to win, don’t always have to be the one achieving wonders. It can be you, them, me, side kicks, or antagonists. I don’t qualify to say this, I know but waiting for the miraculous moment, hoping for a saviour is very boring. Things don’t just happen without a reason or perserverence. If it did, we would have a very monotonous life, a very monotonous schedule, a dull life. Life’s biggest present is life itself. I have always thought of it as an open world game. It is funny how simple it instantly becomes but I forgot that while forgetting it. I forgot life has options, which you take, then becomes decisions, and later becomes something I would term as my choices. It is upon these decisions that designs you and let’s you play the game. Life is a game and we are all just our own renditions at it. Even in games, miracles don’t happen, only countless hours of gameplay or cheats.  
At times, it may sound like a lot, I honestly don’t have a lot going on. Just some lines along an empty space and time.
Thank you for reading, human.


Colourfully shy reflection

​You see some people will underestimate you. They don’t want you to know. They don’t Care that they don’t want you to know. What they know is that you can’t be whom you can be. They don’t know you, they don’t know what’s inside of you, and for this they hate you. They hate you because they don’t know what is inside of you. They will underestimate you. Maybe they are happy living under their own shell of the world, but they are happy. Damn, even enemies are good. They have honour. They have respect for you. They envy you for your potential. But some people don’t even want to be in your level. What is it called? Disgust? I am not sure about the right word here… and I don’t want to use the wrong word, man. 

Sadly to us, the lucky folks to realize this, is that the world has more of the people who do not know you, rather than those who want to be enemies with you. Those who underestimate you come in all shapes and sizes, man. All matter. They come in as your friend. They make you feel like you have some connections with them, and before you know it, they seem to know everything about you, and soon, as time passes by, you realise that they really don’t. Then the spiral begins, they know you, man. They have every pre conceived idea about you and your stories. One day you realize that, “hey, you don’t know that. You don’t even know if it’s happened.” But to them and to the world, it has happened, not as how you’ve experienced but by how they described the event. And it will be site to behold where the hero sits in the corner and the clown steals the show. 

You see, you have described everything as per truth goes. As per you are, you’d lived, but one day you come to terms that, “okay, you know, maybe I am wrong. Maybe I need to dissolve my colours to choke the drinker. “ I don’t know about these people. To me, enemies are worthwhile than those who underestimate me. They have more meaning in them.

2 posts. 2 f-ckin posts.

Well, let us see… Where do we start from. Got two things to write down and I will separate them in paragraphs.

I am not a very good speaker or writer and I mostly mess up more than half of the things I would want to say. It is like I yell out the words I want to say but somehow it is not even audible to . I have always been told that communication is very important but I think more important is the precise way to communicate. Otherwise words are just words, rhymes are rhymed, songs are melodies and descriptions is just d-e-s-c-r-i-p-t-i-o-n-s. I am not writing this to reach out and make anyone feel like something or anything. My posts are hardly reached out and I, in a way am talking to myself here. But, it does give me a satisfaction to let the words out even for a blog… Just get it out.

Did you ever stand at a traffic light, waiting for your turn to go, and noticed individuality? It is magical. Surreal. Unexplainable, that we are not everything, but we are everything. Everyone and a everything. Some of us spend their whole life drinking and thinking about missed opportunities and missed someone’s, some of us spend stand at the signal selling things ranging from peanuts to their divinity, but have you ever glanced to the little boy by your side, waiting, just like you, for his turn, to go home, be a hero of his movie he learned to call life? The maid who crossed the signal with you is thinking about how she is going to pay the bills if she keeps getting fired for being late, the old man with his lady asks you for a hand because their children are working their ass off to support their child and their parents’, the police is continuoisly convincing himself he must hold his post to maintain order to help you reach home safe, and you are looking at this life in motion where everyone is a hero, every one matters, every one must get hurt, every one must feel pain, every one must be lost, to be found, by themselves, to be loved by themselves, to be cared for by every one. This is my message to humanity. Every one is a hero.


I am at a crossroad

not beat, not tired, just waiting for the sign



Believed to worry naught

because at a crossroad, in the night

comes the devil, some ladies and a smile

You pay him the toll,

ask him to take control

take your life anywhere

but he jacks ya like a troll

I am at a crossroad, dont wanna worry the devil

He comes, and he goes, millions have lost control

You need advice, not the hounds of hell


Comfort in silence, compose the ringing bell

No such thing as a demon in dreams

Nor an angel in a nightmare

I am at the crossroads, and I am gonna pay the toll

because before you run, you gotta crawl



One Big Picture : Life

Are we given a life, as a gift, or do/did we earn it?

Either way, I have often come across this line that we should live it as if it were the only one and the last one. But restrictions have been put on us, as disciplines, as a set of rules. (I am sure I am making you annoyed by revolting against this Idea, but I do not mean it as that. Bear with me a while) Even if someone were to go back into time, to some pre-historic day, had he not followed a certain (although primitive) discipline, there would be a certain doom, either in the form of sharpened stones, or in the fangs of a Sabertooth or under the trampling of The great Mammoths. You shall think, “Yes, there has got to be certain limitations!” But if there is, you should know that these certain limitations doesn’t require to be the same for every person, or bird, or fish or animal on this planet or any being beyond our knowledge. Nay! I don’t mean to bring you down. Look here, just as some birds are meant to fly, some are meant to dive at blistering speeds and swim in the grand Pacific. Just like some birds have majestic feathers that basically act as a booty call 😛 (sorry about that!) others have the gift of picking up terrestrial wavelengths that go beyond the fathomable engineering and technology of the stars of respectable studies of man. I could say so much, buuuutttt! the meaning of it all, the meaning of life, so easy to assume and so hard to learn. Religion and Science, have spent so much, time, dedication, blood, sweat and tears, to figure it all out. To see if it all makes sense! We have sent Eyes up into the skies and Eyes inside our minds to pierce through the cosmos and our origins, respectively, and found that we are a piece of puzzle ( if not a fragment of a piece of puzzle). So, if Life is a gift, if you surely believe, it must be only logical, that we should instead of dividing this great puzzle, should integrate ourselves into one and complete the picture that displays the meaning of us all, as one. Should we not fulfill our unity? Do you not think even if we do not attain/achieve the meaning of life, we would atleast know what it looks like?

So, it goes without sayin’… All is one…


What is truth? You want to hear the truth. We all… want to hear the truth! But, how is it possible when we live in our world made with our constant conscious or unconscious behaviour of rejecting our very sane truth? You might think this is bullcrap. That what I say does not suffice to justify all. That there are diversities, that there are different people with different approaches. But, what I want to say is anything but diversifying the family on Earth. What I mean to say, folks, is the very essence of truthfulness, the purity, the core of the untainted, the un-painted, the un-scarred, the un-tempered, and anything suitable for what is about to be written with a prefix, “Un-“. So, let me start by asking you this, When was the last time you did something that was not conditioned? Not conditioned, as in, say, unheard about, not advised to you and not reasoned. The words “I love you” OR its counter-opposite “I hate you” are a few of the noble elements that fall, if not “should”, under this category, devoid of any pleasure, any gain, or any condition. Pleasure there is, for it is the food for the heart. So, you know that how you can not comprehend the reason when your significant other asks you, “Why do you love me?” Well, because there is no reason, no gain, no loss, no condition, no logic, no colour on your white canvas. It is for you and your partner to colour. When You know why you are doing whatever you are doing and you know you’re doing it, it to me occurs that it is because, there has been a lot of thinking, lot of compromises. That is not a bad thing, it is good to carefully plan and do the things we want to do, but when was the last time you asked yourself, “Have I ever done something without knowing why and whatever happened, has happened for the better, even if it not, even if it destroyed my peace, it was, and has?” “I don’t know why am I doing this, but I like it!” “Why do I have reasons for everything that I do?” 

Well, to me it plainly suggests that there are reasons and there are words, and there are words because there are letters, and we learn letters and words, and phrases, and ways, and some even mimic other’s thoughts, thinking… or Hoping life would serve a meaning, if it didnt, before. But the harsh truth is, there is no single meaning to everyone’s life. Instead of thinking according to a pre-determined set of rules, instead of speaking just because that is what your lover or your family or your peers want to hear, why not speak what your SELF wants to hear? They say the greatest respect one could pay is to actually listen to what someone has to say… So… presuming you have already figured my Question… I wish you a good day/night.


Just like age, hell is not in the numbers. It is how and what we do and how and what it makes us feel like. I believe it is the manifestation of our energy. An energy we spend and receive while doing something that may offend someone, hurt someone, degrade someone, make someone resent us, just to name a few. It is inside us, the currency needed to raise a fortress of our own demons. Of course, this doesn’t have to be just someONE, it can be anyTHING. It can be any element of nature or man made, and something that in the end, not only harms You or anyone around you, but, with it’s burning gaze scorches the life and humanity off our great civilizations and also the planet. Whatever we do creates a chain of events that will complete its circle, someday, and oh! aren’t we so powerless to change it? Though we are not capable of changing the strings on this instrument that plays the melodies of our life, we can however learn to play this instrument and play it well, a song befitting of our lives… A song devoid of any Hell.

As a resident on this planet, we owe some generous gestures to our mother Earth and all, Man, Ape, Trees, and towards every beautiful gift which are, directly on indirectly, our unspoken companion.