One human choice

These vivid pictures of what I was meant to be
Like a light guiding me to what I couldn’t see
Now the words are so hard to find
To fill this void of literary description to rhyme

Many merry men have spent life
Waging war on mental tides
They chase a dream they cannot find
Believing their present is a lie

O their mothers and their fathers!
Try to see
Your years are only few and fleeting
And your sons and your daughters must what they ought to be

A young soul must find a way
Through a maverick and through the haze
Like a ripper, like a saint
To destroy or to create,

A human choice to make.


The view from the window

These birds will grow old, fly away,

This house will stay the same sitting in a frame,

Our loved ones will come closer each day,

As the sun sets sooner day by day.

I hope the light stays the same, the golden scarlet hue,

Just like the one I saw in an open view

It will take some time, but it will surely pass,

This view from the window will never last.

Rectum of the Uranus (Dark Poem from the Humour Vault)

Thunder, lighting, tremors and rain

A silent losing battle inside my brain

No one seem to understand quite

The isolation and end that I desire

Contempt and grin behind their eyes

While I succumb to their laugh and whine

A secret memorabilia of an old friend

The Darkness in me never seems to end


Wish that I could run away from it all

find shelter under an angel’s breath

Question my courage and I will not refuse

to answer your crimes in hell’s due

What awaits there shouldn’t bother me now

Because I know good people end up how

No more Mr. Nice Guy to you

I have always found joy in solitude

I hare crimes, Lord!

I am a beggar of justice

And if I’d overdone my pleads

Believe me when I have over done my deeds.

Gentle commotion – short on anxiety

Gentle commotion in my brain

Tearful extravaganza down the lane

Hearing things believed to be true

Finding naught left me mute

Cold showers and comfy lies

My company through the night

Wondering where I will end up was my thought

At first I seemed to be on course

Sore eyes, red and bloat,

Don’t mind when I shut the door

Imagine eventual calamity disengage

I stumble on place and panic and shame

Of all the things I wish not my friend

Gentle commotion never seems to end