Fu k the desire to be fulfilled.

​You see a self help peaceful enlighteninh knowledge source for some condition you believe you have that you also believe is bad when you see the ad of this self help.peaceful enlightening knowledge source for some condition you believe you have that you also believe is bad. What you do is fund the campaign, the cause, the research, the book, the speech or whatever shit it maybe, join in, and fund this. Then this campaign, the cause, the research, the book, the speech or whatever sjit is maybe gets big and so does the campaigns, the cause, the researchers, the authors, and all the megalomaniacs associated with it. Now again, you fund the campaign hoping that you’d be happy if you took that self help peaceful enlightening knowledge source for some condition that you believe is bad for you that will help you reach the fuck yes level of the campaigns, the cause, the researchers, the authors, and all the megalomaniacs and be happy. The cycle goes on. Why? Because happy person doesn’t desire to be happy and content, he/she just is. He/she doesn’t spend his life hours to work better to look better. He/she is a real booty call just like that. 


A lonesome part of the mind writes

​I wonder, where do visions go? When we dream of something and let it go, does it just disappear?
Miracles don’t happen, like those Hollywood action blockbusters. I really wish miracles did happen, but that would make life very boring if everything just happened. Heroes don’t always have to win, don’t always have to be the one achieving wonders. It can be you, them, me, side kicks, or antagonists. I don’t qualify to say this, I know but waiting for the miraculous moment, hoping for a saviour is very boring. Things don’t just happen without a reason or perserverence. If it did, we would have a very monotonous life, a very monotonous schedule, a dull life. Life’s biggest present is life itself. I have always thought of it as an open world game. It is funny how simple it instantly becomes but I forgot that while forgetting it. I forgot life has options, which you take, then becomes decisions, and later becomes something I would term as my choices. It is upon these decisions that designs you and let’s you play the game. Life is a game and we are all just our own renditions at it. Even in games, miracles don’t happen, only countless hours of gameplay or cheats.  
At times, it may sound like a lot, I honestly don’t have a lot going on. Just some lines along an empty space and time.
Thank you for reading, human.

Love of Evolution

“Survival of the Fittest.”

When I was younger I imagined it nothing more than devouring, bombing, punching the bully for taking my lunch, good grades and a good job, powerful armies, and greatness and economic worth of a nation or a group of people or just an individual. As days and years went by and nights spent pondering about the complexities of life – though I am not a Guru, or an expert, and you don’t have to agree to what I say – I have come to concentrate on the emotions and behaviours that truly define Evolution, which in turn is Survival of the Fittest, because those who evolve, adapt, and those who adapt, live. What I want to say is “Evolution” is not just simply standing erect, picking up your suitcase and trunk, moving to different places, signing business contracts, disputing over energy/resources and human lives. You see, human evolution is the single greatest gift which has gifted us so much more than we are capable of recognizing. “There’s so much more than we are.” I can not emphasize enough about what I think are these “gifts” that I am talking about. Many of you know them, use them and appreciate them, and are grateful for them, but there are many of us who don’t. I want to direct this message to those who see, but not comprehend, to those who hear but not listen, those who have ideas but don’t express, those who want to weep but revolt, those who laugh but not smile, those who have feelings and emotions but lie to themselves. You know what to do. As a human being, what creation or evolution, whatever you may believe in, has given us is, and if you can’t find out the reason, there is so much more than we are.

Dec 11 | The Sour observations

Life is not easy. I bet we have all heard that a minimum of 10 times to lessen the exaggeration, and this article will not be any different from any of the previous 10 times, but may serve as a reminder to those who forget it. Some people have nowhere to go to, to shed a tear, no one to  hold on to when they can not walk by themselves. Not everyone is blessed with an equal amount of a particular emotional state to fill their life as well as everyone’s life with, but every one is, I believe equipped with an immense courage and heart to make their life… Nay! Turn their lives so. I see that in some people, and if it exists, it exists, man. We all have that capability to run. We can run away from it all, make some sort of a believable excuse to ourselves why we couldn’t do what we couldn’t do. We can also run towards the wall, hit it till it crumbles down, even if it doesn’t break, just to let the ones around us know what we are doing and there is more to life, that there is another option to than just running away and never finding out if the grass is greener on the other side. 

2. True love or peace can never exist without proper and intentional understanding. We see something that we do not like or, something that doesn’t accord to our “rules” and “guidelines” and “culture” and “society” and “sobriety”, and we move on to hate that factor as the ultimatum in everday life, but, what we could gain, has been already lost in the process of analysis but no understanding. Our opinions have been ” destroyed” and “biased”. When both the parties/sides, see that, that unity and cooperation are knowledge, and knowledge is a part of the understanding and understanding as an essential piece of the puzzle, can we bring more people closer and truly understand some one else, or, the person sitting next to us. 

  • try not to foresee but listen and understand. 
  • Many people have lesser blessings but greater compassion, courage, and heart.

Time – What is Time?

Time, what is time? Is it a physical thing, or not? Is it definite, or indefinite? To tell you the truth it is neither, and yet, it is all. Time is the existence of the table on which you’ve put your PC. It is the screen through which you can see these pixels. Time is the light particles being reflected back to your eyes which, just like time, are everything that you do not see. Time is not just the final output, instead, it is anything but the final output. The final output is just the representation of the time it took a Clocksmith, who, upon years of operating on a basic level, have made it possible for the market to put a worth on the quality of time. It isn’t just about the quality of time when they do that, or when we do that. Something we like better, somethings we like less – Simple. But to answer what time is, isn’t as simple as explaining the work of a professional.

Irrespective of the moment you wake up, normally you’d have a glance at your watch, or the alarm will ring, and wake you up on time. We not only live and die in time, you see we do every thing in between that, and we are always living on time – irrespective of past, present or future. The time it took for this planet to become habitable was also bounded by time, nay! not bounded, I apologize, rather defined by time. Time doesn’t allow or disallow anything to move, stop, commence or end, it just observes. Even where there is nothing in the infinite boundaries of space, where, if a person were to be isolated with all forms of life support, but any device that could tell him the time, would seem to live an anxious life until, time takes away his anxiety. You  see, time is not seen or visible but at the same time, it is in every single thing you see right now. The bed you are on took a carpenter some amount of time to make it for you – so comfy. The atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki – they were the resultant power of individuals who put their time to it – so powerful… and destructive. Philosophically speaking, Time is what you’d want it to be. Time is defined by us, we can make it as gentle as cotton or as hard as Iron. Give what you can, give your best, because, to even grow a flower, it takes days of sunlight and watering, but I have never seen someone passionately gardening and yet wailing about it at the same time.

The inner kid

I have always been a kid at heart. I am 24 now, but I am just a grown boy. I am still very much the same kid who got all moody because someone was calling names or kept smiling to take it all in and let no one know. What would I say, if I visit that time again. I guess, I will pat his back, smile and say, “it is going to be okay. You are going to be the best at who you are, and you are always with me, the better part of me. Let us meet again… When you are me.” 

It gives a peacefulness when you induce such an innocent thought. Just imagine that you were to meet your 7-10 years old, what would you say? Doesn’t it bring to you a smile?