The Idea of “One-ness”

The idea of one ness is scary. I will tell you why and by the end of this post, I hope you understand the reason behind it.

I see people saying One united World, No boundaries, no more presidents, one united belief, one world order, one world under God, and I see them every day and have been hearing it in songs since years, now. But, even though White Lion’s When the children cry made perfect sense and are one of my favourite tunes from one of my favourite 80s bands, the line One united world… under God, stood out and has been stuck in my head ever since that 13-14 year old self. Well, you see, first, it has got the coolest line, “One united World” which is pretty awesome and totally correct for any logical and rational and all the al’s, but One Unite world… hm… Let me dive deep, now. We are a diverse species. Sure, we are one specie as a whole, but you know and got to admit that we are the most diverse and cultural beings on this planet. No two person share all of the same views, hence no two sages and authors wrote the same names in heroic battles between Gods, Evil, and Man… well… maybe, but we are taking samples here. Now, we have many religions on this planet, and just like many religion, many followers and many non-believers. Now, suppose, X who is a non-believer/believer starts a revolution, and compels the world leaders and they all negotiate and shit, and they come to the conclusion that hell yeah, man! One Unite World! So, next, no borders, no nations, no rulers or dictators, no pressure to be a better country, no more individual, separate religion, what’s next? Well, nothing, really, nothing evil. We progress from then on. We race to the stars, we make alien contact and all the sci-fi shit and every one is great at what they are doing, right? No more worries, happy days! 🙂

Well, not entirely.

What anime like DBZ has taught me is that there is no end to problems and shit. Sure now all ya optimistic folks would haunt on me. BUUUUT, read me out, for a few more lines, why I insist on being a pesimistic fool. For starters, there are douchebags in every group. A black guy can be an asshole as much as a white guy. A brown guy can be as aggressive as a yellow guy. Now, I am just talking about colors, not specifically any race because, you see, then, there wont be any racial crime, so I guess it would be totally cool to call a black guy black, a pale guy white, a brown a brown, and yellow a yellow. Now, for the record there have never been unnoticed instances of people who look similar group together. And there also hasnt been a case of a forming tribe or clan to attack another. Now, again, we have a problem, you see. Although, we would be very far ahead in time and knowledge to be encouraged to revolt on trivial matters, but, we are human and it is human nature as much the cells and all the chemicals around to bond. We all bond. Everything bonds. Sometimes, for the better. 🙂 Now… the problem… problem… ah, yes! A herd of sheep, locked together, wolves in disguise one sheep as the shepherd. How do you control the situation? Would you rather have a division… nations, power keeping rulers, safe keeping its people and the ideologies and the varieties, or would you have a singular catastrophe that could and would potentially wipe us all out?


Dec 11 | The Sour observations

Life is not easy. I bet we have all heard that a minimum of 10 times to lessen the exaggeration, and this article will not be any different from any of the previous 10 times, but may serve as a reminder to those who forget it. Some people have nowhere to go to, to shed a tear, no one to  hold on to when they can not walk by themselves. Not everyone is blessed with an equal amount of a particular emotional state to fill their life as well as everyone’s life with, but every one is, I believe equipped with an immense courage and heart to make their life… Nay! Turn their lives so. I see that in some people, and if it exists, it exists, man. We all have that capability to run. We can run away from it all, make some sort of a believable excuse to ourselves why we couldn’t do what we couldn’t do. We can also run towards the wall, hit it till it crumbles down, even if it doesn’t break, just to let the ones around us know what we are doing and there is more to life, that there is another option to than just running away and never finding out if the grass is greener on the other side. 

2. True love or peace can never exist without proper and intentional understanding. We see something that we do not like or, something that doesn’t accord to our “rules” and “guidelines” and “culture” and “society” and “sobriety”, and we move on to hate that factor as the ultimatum in everday life, but, what we could gain, has been already lost in the process of analysis but no understanding. Our opinions have been ” destroyed” and “biased”. When both the parties/sides, see that, that unity and cooperation are knowledge, and knowledge is a part of the understanding and understanding as an essential piece of the puzzle, can we bring more people closer and truly understand some one else, or, the person sitting next to us. 

  • try not to foresee but listen and understand. 
  • Many people have lesser blessings but greater compassion, courage, and heart.