One human choice

These vivid pictures of what I was meant to be
Like a light guiding me to what I couldn’t see
Now the words are so hard to find
To fill this void of literary description to rhyme

Many merry men have spent life
Waging war on mental tides
They chase a dream they cannot find
Believing their present is a lie

O their mothers and their fathers!
Try to see
Your years are only few and fleeting
And your sons and your daughters must what they ought to be

A young soul must find a way
Through a maverick and through the haze
Like a ripper, like a saint
To destroy or to create,

A human choice to make.


The view from the window

These birds will grow old, fly away,

This house will stay the same sitting in a frame,

Our loved ones will come closer each day,

As the sun sets sooner day by day.

I hope the light stays the same, the golden scarlet hue,

Just like the one I saw in an open view

It will take some time, but it will surely pass,

This view from the window will never last.

One Big Picture : Life

Are we given a life, as a gift, or do/did we earn it?

Either way, I have often come across this line that we should live it as if it were the only one and the last one. But restrictions have been put on us, as disciplines, as a set of rules. (I am sure I am making you annoyed by revolting against this Idea, but I do not mean it as that. Bear with me a while) Even if someone were to go back into time, to some pre-historic day, had he not followed a certain (although primitive) discipline, there would be a certain doom, either in the form of sharpened stones, or in the fangs of a Sabertooth or under the trampling of The great Mammoths. You shall think, “Yes, there has got to be certain limitations!” But if there is, you should know that these certain limitations doesn’t require to be the same for every person, or bird, or fish or animal on this planet or any being beyond our knowledge. Nay! I don’t mean to bring you down. Look here, just as some birds are meant to fly, some are meant to dive at blistering speeds and swim in the grand Pacific. Just like some birds have majestic feathers that basically act as a booty call šŸ˜› (sorry about that!) others have the gift of picking up terrestrial wavelengths that go beyond the fathomable engineering and technology of the stars of respectable studiesĀ of man. I could say so much, buuuutttt! the meaning of it all, the meaning of life, so easy to assume and so hard to learn. Religion and Science, have spent so much, time, dedication, blood, sweat and tears, to figure it all out. To see if it all makes sense! We have sent Eyes up into the skies and Eyes inside our minds to pierce through the cosmos and our origins, respectively, and found that we are a piece of puzzle ( if not a fragment of a piece of puzzle). So, if Life is a gift, if you surely believe, it must be only logical, that we should instead of dividing this great puzzle, should integrate ourselves into one and complete the picture that displays the meaning of us all, as one. Should we not fulfill our unity? Do you not think even if we do not attain/achieve the meaning of life, we would atleast know what it looks like?

So, it goes without sayin’… All is one…