Fu k the desire to be fulfilled.

​You see a self help peaceful enlighteninh knowledge source for some condition you believe you have that you also believe is bad when you see the ad of this self help.peaceful enlightening knowledge source for some condition you believe you have that you also believe is bad. What you do is fund the campaign, the cause, the research, the book, the speech or whatever shit it maybe, join in, and fund this. Then this campaign, the cause, the research, the book, the speech or whatever sjit is maybe gets big and so does the campaigns, the cause, the researchers, the authors, and all the megalomaniacs associated with it. Now again, you fund the campaign hoping that you’d be happy if you took that self help peaceful enlightening knowledge source for some condition that you believe is bad for you that will help you reach the fuck yes level of the campaigns, the cause, the researchers, the authors, and all the megalomaniacs and be happy. The cycle goes on. Why? Because happy person doesn’t desire to be happy and content, he/she just is. He/she doesn’t spend his life hours to work better to look better. He/she is a real booty call just like that. 

You just keep sayin’ “some people”!


Do You know what leeches are? I bet you do, but I am going to remind you again to link to you what I type here and what I want you to learn. Well, leeches are… leeches. One fine day you decide that you want to go to a swamp because you have an undesirable liking for the place that people usually detest. So, you go there and you walk through it. You roam around hacking and slashing your way to and back. Upon reaching dry land and sitting down for leisure you feel a little odd down your spine. You move your hand over it and feel this sticky, slimy, throbbing, pulpy piece of filth on your skin. You are captivated by disgust, shock and fear. So, what do you do? Well, either burn it a little or pull it out and throw it to the swamp it crawled into you from. That’s what leech is, it sucks your blood, that’s it. It is what they do, their purpose and their way of life. They don’t know that. Because to them, sucking your blood is a natural process, but, to you, it is chore of the lowest specie. No hateful games just plain disgust. Now, in our folks, we have a saying, “tez khua”, which translates to blood sucker. We call people blood sucker as gruesome and cruel as it may sound, which, to me, seems no different than sucking the life out of you. Of course, this, we mean it metaphorically. Blood flows through your veins. It gives you life, it keeps you alive, it is what keeps you going. Your assets, physical and mental, your happiness, your treasures, goals, ambitions, and shit, those are the things that keep you going and those are the things inside of you each minute of your day. But, every now and then, a leech leeches on to your feet from a swamp and you do not notice. You only realise it when you either feel that uneasy feeling that leeches produce or when you are drained out of blood. You have nothing to do, now, yes? All that you can do, now, is to take a toothpick, unhook them, and throw them back to their loving swamp until it leeches onto some other adventurer’s feet and continue their innocent chore all life long. 
Leeches are dangerous. It is not necessary for you to live with them. Unhook and dispose of them when you spot one on yourself before it is too late, for your own life, because you owe yourself love.

The Idea of “One-ness”

The idea of one ness is scary. I will tell you why and by the end of this post, I hope you understand the reason behind it.

I see people saying One united World, No boundaries, no more presidents, one united belief, one world order, one world under God, and I see them every day and have been hearing it in songs since years, now. But, even though White Lion’s When the children cry made perfect sense and are one of my favourite tunes from one of my favourite 80s bands, the line One united world… under God, stood out and has been stuck in my head ever since that 13-14 year old self. Well, you see, first, it has got the coolest line, “One united World” which is pretty awesome and totally correct for any logical and rational and all the al’s, but One Unite world… hm… Let me dive deep, now. We are a diverse species. Sure, we are one specie as a whole, but you know and got to admit that we are the most diverse and cultural beings on this planet. No two person share all of the same views, hence no two sages and authors wrote the same names in heroic battles between Gods, Evil, and Man… well… maybe, but we are taking samples here. Now, we have many religions on this planet, and just like many religion, many followers and many non-believers. Now, suppose, X who is a non-believer/believer starts a revolution, and compels the world leaders and they all negotiate and shit, and they come to the conclusion that hell yeah, man! One Unite World! So, next, no borders, no nations, no rulers or dictators, no pressure to be a better country, no more individual, separate religion, what’s next? Well, nothing, really, nothing evil. We progress from then on. We race to the stars, we make alien contact and all the sci-fi shit and every one is great at what they are doing, right? No more worries, happy days! 🙂

Well, not entirely.

What anime like DBZ has taught me is that there is no end to problems and shit. Sure now all ya optimistic folks would haunt on me. BUUUUT, read me out, for a few more lines, why I insist on being a pesimistic fool. For starters, there are douchebags in every group. A black guy can be an asshole as much as a white guy. A brown guy can be as aggressive as a yellow guy. Now, I am just talking about colors, not specifically any race because, you see, then, there wont be any racial crime, so I guess it would be totally cool to call a black guy black, a pale guy white, a brown a brown, and yellow a yellow. Now, for the record there have never been unnoticed instances of people who look similar group together. And there also hasnt been a case of a forming tribe or clan to attack another. Now, again, we have a problem, you see. Although, we would be very far ahead in time and knowledge to be encouraged to revolt on trivial matters, but, we are human and it is human nature as much the cells and all the chemicals around to bond. We all bond. Everything bonds. Sometimes, for the better. 🙂 Now… the problem… problem… ah, yes! A herd of sheep, locked together, wolves in disguise one sheep as the shepherd. How do you control the situation? Would you rather have a division… nations, power keeping rulers, safe keeping its people and the ideologies and the varieties, or would you have a singular catastrophe that could and would potentially wipe us all out?

Love of Evolution

“Survival of the Fittest.”

When I was younger I imagined it nothing more than devouring, bombing, punching the bully for taking my lunch, good grades and a good job, powerful armies, and greatness and economic worth of a nation or a group of people or just an individual. As days and years went by and nights spent pondering about the complexities of life – though I am not a Guru, or an expert, and you don’t have to agree to what I say – I have come to concentrate on the emotions and behaviours that truly define Evolution, which in turn is Survival of the Fittest, because those who evolve, adapt, and those who adapt, live. What I want to say is “Evolution” is not just simply standing erect, picking up your suitcase and trunk, moving to different places, signing business contracts, disputing over energy/resources and human lives. You see, human evolution is the single greatest gift which has gifted us so much more than we are capable of recognizing. “There’s so much more than we are.” I can not emphasize enough about what I think are these “gifts” that I am talking about. Many of you know them, use them and appreciate them, and are grateful for them, but there are many of us who don’t. I want to direct this message to those who see, but not comprehend, to those who hear but not listen, those who have ideas but don’t express, those who want to weep but revolt, those who laugh but not smile, those who have feelings and emotions but lie to themselves. You know what to do. As a human being, what creation or evolution, whatever you may believe in, has given us is, and if you can’t find out the reason, there is so much more than we are.

Time – What is Time?

Time, what is time? Is it a physical thing, or not? Is it definite, or indefinite? To tell you the truth it is neither, and yet, it is all. Time is the existence of the table on which you’ve put your PC. It is the screen through which you can see these pixels. Time is the light particles being reflected back to your eyes which, just like time, are everything that you do not see. Time is not just the final output, instead, it is anything but the final output. The final output is just the representation of the time it took a Clocksmith, who, upon years of operating on a basic level, have made it possible for the market to put a worth on the quality of time. It isn’t just about the quality of time when they do that, or when we do that. Something we like better, somethings we like less – Simple. But to answer what time is, isn’t as simple as explaining the work of a professional.

Irrespective of the moment you wake up, normally you’d have a glance at your watch, or the alarm will ring, and wake you up on time. We not only live and die in time, you see we do every thing in between that, and we are always living on time – irrespective of past, present or future. The time it took for this planet to become habitable was also bounded by time, nay! not bounded, I apologize, rather defined by time. Time doesn’t allow or disallow anything to move, stop, commence or end, it just observes. Even where there is nothing in the infinite boundaries of space, where, if a person were to be isolated with all forms of life support, but any device that could tell him the time, would seem to live an anxious life until, time takes away his anxiety. You  see, time is not seen or visible but at the same time, it is in every single thing you see right now. The bed you are on took a carpenter some amount of time to make it for you – so comfy. The atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki – they were the resultant power of individuals who put their time to it – so powerful… and destructive. Philosophically speaking, Time is what you’d want it to be. Time is defined by us, we can make it as gentle as cotton or as hard as Iron. Give what you can, give your best, because, to even grow a flower, it takes days of sunlight and watering, but I have never seen someone passionately gardening and yet wailing about it at the same time.


What is truth? You want to hear the truth. We all… want to hear the truth! But, how is it possible when we live in our world made with our constant conscious or unconscious behaviour of rejecting our very sane truth? You might think this is bullcrap. That what I say does not suffice to justify all. That there are diversities, that there are different people with different approaches. But, what I want to say is anything but diversifying the family on Earth. What I mean to say, folks, is the very essence of truthfulness, the purity, the core of the untainted, the un-painted, the un-scarred, the un-tempered, and anything suitable for what is about to be written with a prefix, “Un-“. So, let me start by asking you this, When was the last time you did something that was not conditioned? Not conditioned, as in, say, unheard about, not advised to you and not reasoned. The words “I love you” OR its counter-opposite “I hate you” are a few of the noble elements that fall, if not “should”, under this category, devoid of any pleasure, any gain, or any condition. Pleasure there is, for it is the food for the heart. So, you know that how you can not comprehend the reason when your significant other asks you, “Why do you love me?” Well, because there is no reason, no gain, no loss, no condition, no logic, no colour on your white canvas. It is for you and your partner to colour. When You know why you are doing whatever you are doing and you know you’re doing it, it to me occurs that it is because, there has been a lot of thinking, lot of compromises. That is not a bad thing, it is good to carefully plan and do the things we want to do, but when was the last time you asked yourself, “Have I ever done something without knowing why and whatever happened, has happened for the better, even if it not, even if it destroyed my peace, it was, and has?” “I don’t know why am I doing this, but I like it!” “Why do I have reasons for everything that I do?” 

Well, to me it plainly suggests that there are reasons and there are words, and there are words because there are letters, and we learn letters and words, and phrases, and ways, and some even mimic other’s thoughts, thinking… or Hoping life would serve a meaning, if it didnt, before. But the harsh truth is, there is no single meaning to everyone’s life. Instead of thinking according to a pre-determined set of rules, instead of speaking just because that is what your lover or your family or your peers want to hear, why not speak what your SELF wants to hear? They say the greatest respect one could pay is to actually listen to what someone has to say… So… presuming you have already figured my Question… I wish you a good day/night.