Gilmore’s story of ill-luck

​Long ago, when I was maybe about 11-12 years old I had a dream. I used to play and watch this wonderful sport, idolized these guys with their colours, orange, blue, red and yellow. In a few years when I was connected to the world via the internet I did all sorts of research, talked to.people who were as passionate as me and actual riders and also found where to start. My mum encouraged me but soon I was told it is not for me. There is no future with it, and that you must study and be a reputable man in the things that you can do. So yes, I realize now, I was evaluated a long ago before actually trying it out for real. With that chapter closed I had given up on all sorts of vehicle interest or the desire to ride any motorcycle. After a couple of years I started liking the music that I hated. I once described music to be something that people with really no taste would enjoy, despite being trained in vocals for half a year. I couldn’t bear it then, but I not only could bear it I enjoyed it, now, and maybe also because I was actually making music on the guitar. Many years passed music remained constant. My humble and true friend, whatever the time. So, after completing my I enquired if I could pursue music as a career. Take an actual course and while doing the thing I loved maybe make a career at it. I was told the same, a thing not for me, and also that it is for people who have it in them not for me. I wouldn’t be able to do it, and surely my family wouldn’t support it and encouraged me to do it after I get a job no matter how old and how my brain juice would remain be. So, I suck it up, admitted that maybe I was wrong and carried on to the same field I completed my bachelor’s in. Even though I was unable to pursue it as a career I stuck to it and have made and created music since then, but my course had shifted and I became less and less familiar with my second love. A couple of years later, after getting rejected every place I gave an interviee at for about 4-5 times, i finally looked at the mistakes that I made and found the third love of my career, that is being ricocheted from everywhere else, something in my course of study, animation. However, I am being told to pursue an MBA or an MCA. Why? Because it is not for middle class people and certainly not for someone who has been rejected at interviews. So, I ask myself, what more do I need to love to do? What more will I be forced to swallow before I actually end up having nothing , despite doing everything as asked but nothing as I want?


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