Dec 11 | The Sour observations

Life is not easy. I bet we have all heard that a minimum of 10 times to lessen the exaggeration, and this article will not be any different from any of the previous 10 times, but may serve as a reminder to those who forget it. Some people have nowhere to go to, to shed a tear, no one to  hold on to when they can not walk by themselves. Not everyone is blessed with an equal amount of a particular emotional state to fill their life as well as everyone’s life with, but every one is, I believe equipped with an immense courage and heart to make their life… Nay! Turn their lives so. I see that in some people, and if it exists, it exists, man. We all have that capability to run. We can run away from it all, make some sort of a believable excuse to ourselves why we couldn’t do what we couldn’t do. We can also run towards the wall, hit it till it crumbles down, even if it doesn’t break, just to let the ones around us know what we are doing and there is more to life, that there is another option to than just running away and never finding out if the grass is greener on the other side. 

2. True love or peace can never exist without proper and intentional understanding. We see something that we do not like or, something that doesn’t accord to our “rules” and “guidelines” and “culture” and “society” and “sobriety”, and we move on to hate that factor as the ultimatum in everday life, but, what we could gain, has been already lost in the process of analysis but no understanding. Our opinions have been ” destroyed” and “biased”. When both the parties/sides, see that, that unity and cooperation are knowledge, and knowledge is a part of the understanding and understanding as an essential piece of the puzzle, can we bring more people closer and truly understand some one else, or, the person sitting next to us. 

  • try not to foresee but listen and understand. 
  • Many people have lesser blessings but greater compassion, courage, and heart.

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