Trip : Day 1 ( at camp) 

It was a childhood desire of mine to go trekking or camping, especially somewhere I’d feel vulnerable and experience what I wanted to feel out of it. So, I decided to go campin’ plus, trek at sunrise. Also, the other part of the plan was to go to a place where I could get an authentic taste of the way of life of people I hadn’t interacted with, before. So, with all the good anxiety and my personal stuff I traveled to Nameri national park, which is located some 50 kms from Tezpur, Assam, India. It is  along the sides of the Kameng River out of Arunachal, or what is here, in Assam, known as Jia-bhoroli. The place where the park is situated is called Potasali, and some 26 KMs from Arunachal Pradesh. It took around 2 and 1/2 hours from Nagaon to reach there without any stops. We had booked a tent in a place called the Eco camp. It is an ideally located place just a kilometer away from the river. You have to go off-road to reach the camp site and travel further 1 km off road to reach the banks of the river, from where the trekking starts. We will get to that in some time. The camp is situated inside a village composed and maintained by the locals of Potasali. The air, so “light”, very refreshing and has the feel of natural balance between man and the flora and fauna carried with it. Yes, it is a place to be if you want to be secluded away from all your worries. They gave us a tent to spend the night and we planned to be checking out by 12 next noon and travel to Arunachal for sight seeing. The evening had already arrived on our arrival to the camp. We had tea and snacks and soon the fire was lit in the open space just in front of the tents and we spent the cold evening by it. The place was soon very lively. Maybe, because of all the conversation and ‘liveliness’ or maybe because of some other factor among which I can only name one or two, despite the camp being so eco friendly, seemed more like an artificial lodging in the forest to me. There was the touch of mankind in the way things were carried out, primarily, by the guests. Maybe I am wrong to say so or expect it to be less lively in a forest where I’d gone mainly to be alone with myself and be one with nature but, out of all the things, this is the one thing I felt odd about. Anyway, after the fire and the commotion was over, we headed for dinner. The food tasted very homely, and was a thing, being Assamese , I admired. Soon, I came back to my tent and hit the bed. The night at the start looked long. I was both anxious, as well as longing for some sleep. Once there would be “hoot hoots” followed by high pitched “me me’s”, next there would be the guarding dogs growling at something, or perhaps at each other, and the next moment there would be complete silence. The cycle continued until at about 10:3o pm, when I fell asleep. Yeah, about the dogs, I think they bonded with me. By the fire they would keep following whenever I switched places, and in the morning I found one sleeping by the fire and the other, named ” Tiger” just in front of our tent, right by the zip. I woke up couple of times in the morn, though. Once at 3:30 and next at 5:30, when I just had to get up. You know when u plan something in the early morning you most generally wake up before time? Anyway, morning came early… Nah! I should say, “quick.” Will tell all about it on the next post. 



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