Being Back Home

Life is simple here at home. Not much to worry about… About the complexities of life. People drive like shit, but it doesn’t matter at the end of the day. You do your household activities/office hours and them you go back home, eat and sleep. You are always with your family and loved ones. Nature is bountiful, too, and very generous. Superstition is there, as is everywhere, but that doesn’t interfere with life. I met my cousins, friends, uncles and aunts. They are all good people as they have always been. Some times, on some occasions I do feel down a bit, but, now as I write this, on the roof, when the home-wind touches my hair and face, it really doesn’t matter. Being back home again has taught me things that I can’t quite put down, yet. I hope I am able to do that, soon. I have also felt and seen things that seemed lost somewhere to me. 

    P.S. I plan on doing a little travelling activity to find some answers and I want to take in as much as possible. 

    Till next time


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