Time – What is Time?

Time, what is time? Is it a physical thing, or not? Is it definite, or indefinite? To tell you the truth it is neither, and yet, it is all. Time is the existence of the table on which you’ve put your PC. It is the screen through which you can see these pixels. Time is the light particles being reflected back to your eyes which, just like time, are everything that you do not see. Time is not just the final output, instead, it is anything but the final output. The final output is just the representation of the time it took a Clocksmith, who, upon years of operating on a basic level, have made it possible for the market to put a worth on the quality of time. It isn’t just about the quality of time when they do that, or when we do that. Something we like better, somethings we like less – Simple. But to answer what time is, isn’t as simple as explaining the work of a professional.

Irrespective of the moment you wake up, normally you’d have a glance at your watch, or the alarm will ring, and wake you up on time. We not only live and die in time, you see we do every thing in between that, and we are always living on time – irrespective of past, present or future. The time it took for this planet to become habitable was also bounded by time, nay! not bounded, I apologize, rather defined by time. Time doesn’t allow or disallow anything to move, stop, commence or end, it just observes. Even where there is nothing in the infinite boundaries of space, where, if a person were to be isolated with all forms of life support, but any device that could tell him the time, would seem to live an anxious life until, time takes away his anxiety. You  see, time is not seen or visible but at the same time, it is in every single thing you see right now. The bed you are on took a carpenter some amount of time to make it for you – so comfy. The atomic bombs at Hiroshima and Nagasaki – they were the resultant power of individuals who put their time to it – so powerful… and destructive. Philosophically speaking, Time is what you’d want it to be. Time is defined by us, we can make it as gentle as cotton or as hard as Iron. Give what you can, give your best, because, to even grow a flower, it takes days of sunlight and watering, but I have never seen someone passionately gardening and yet wailing about it at the same time.


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