Daily Prompt: Sincere

via Daily Prompt: Sincere

What is sincerity? Who is Sincere? The most common answer to this would be an infant, free of corruption, ill thoughts, hate, envy, etc. But, why do we say that these thoughts are bad? Or bad is some thing to stay away from? We know, and have well experienced cases and situations when we ourselves dwell around the negativity of our own thoughts, or someone near us. The “Bad” makes you feel weak, devastated, ill, tired, and so on. It is like a hue of colour. Take for example the colour black. Once you go black on a stroke of the brush, you can never go back. Black mixes into any hue and turns it darker and grim. For some it is art, and it is a necessary piece for a painting. But in life… Life is just like a fresh white Canvas – so is innocence, but just for the convenience of the story we would take them as the same thing, which according to literature giants is not. It is free of all the experiences to be drawn upon it, maps of places visited to be laid down, colours of emotion to be painted on, and Sincerity… well, it is the careful use of your strokes. It is the art of where to smudge and where to draw, it is an ethic of the way to paint the world on your finest canvas you have ever received. Where you would use smudges and where you’d like it to stay sharp and contrast from the background, is up to you, and have probably defined the outcome for many of my experiences. Sincerity lets many people know where to use an emotion, follow a thought, or evade from pulling a trick on your parents, your friends, your lover. Most people are not painters or artists, neither am I, but I understand the logic of sincerity this way very well, and I hope you were cleared on a thing or two, too. So, by being sincere you are not only a good moral person, but (subconsciously) you have mastered the art of a life devoted to giving. Life is about giving and expecting no returns. If you are sincere to this motto, you may soon realize how fulfilled your life is.

This was my frail attempt to write a few things down on Sincere and Sincerity.


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