Just like age, hell is not in the numbers. It is how and what we do and how and what it makes us feel like. I believe it is the manifestation of our energy. An energy we spend and receive while doing something that may offend someone, hurt someone, degrade someone, make someone resent us, just to name a few. It is inside us, the currency needed to raise a fortress of our own demons. Of course, this doesn’t have to be just someONE, it can be anyTHING. It can be any element of nature or man made, and something that in the end, not only harms You or anyone around you, but, with it’s burning gaze scorches the life and humanity off our great civilizations and also the planet. Whatever we do creates a chain of events that will complete its circle, someday, and oh! aren’t we so powerless to change it? Though we are not capable of changing the strings on this instrument that plays the melodies of our life, we can however learn to play this instrument and play it well, a song befitting of our lives… A song devoid of any Hell.

As a resident on this planet, we owe some generous gestures to our mother Earth and all, Man, Ape, Trees, and towards every beautiful gift which are, directly on indirectly, our unspoken companion. 


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